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The SmartMoto Smart TRE bypasses the timing retard to all Suzuki models and gives the optimal map to all gears for maximum performance and will disable the speed limiter to all 1000cc+ models.

Suzuki have retarded the ignition timing of the first 4 gears on the most of its latest models. This restriction is applied by Suzuki to limit the available torque in low speeds for road safety.

SmartMoto has created this new version of the popular TRE mod which is smart and does not affect the map of Neutral, while it gives the unrestricted 5th gear signal when any other gear is selected.

Key Features

  • Bypasses the Timing Restriction of the first 4 gears
  • Improves the throttle response and releases maximum torque
  • Does not affect Neutral like the cheap TRE versions
  • Plug and play design, no wire cutting required
  • Compatible with the Power CommanderTM and the Bazzaz Z-FiTM.
  • Disables the Speed limiter on all 1000cc+ models
  • * Customer reviews have shown improved power delivery and stronger overall accelerations with the product installed

Note: Models with standard gear indicators will always show "5" when in any selected gear except of Neutral.

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