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SmartMoto Electronics
SmartMoto Electronics
About us

SmartMoto started in 2009 as a personal challenge.

We think that our motorcycle must be modified to a point that it becomes an image of the joyful part of ourselves.

At the same time we think that our motorcycle should be modified with no compromise, keeping the quality and reliability of the manufacturer... or even better..

This is our philosophy!

Today, SmartMoto has strong global presence. We have offered our products to thousands of customers from more than 100 countries around the world through our eBay store and local partners.

We keep expanding by upgrading our services and our product range. Our strategic partnerships with the most global couriers and the Hellenic Post, ensure that we always deliver our products with reliability and speed worldwide.

Product Categories

CoolAIR Radiator Fan Switches by SmartMoto allow the manual activation of the motorcy..
EVAP Canister Removal kits by SmartMoto bypass the EVAP purge valve, charcoal caniste..
Exhaust Servo Eliminators by SmartMoto bypass the motorcycle's EXUP system and its co..
Oxygen Sensor Eliminator kits by SmartMoto bypass the stock o2 sensor in a motorcycle..
PAIR / SAS / AIS Removal Kits by SmartMoto bypass the motorcycle's secondary air inje..
SideStand Switch Eliminators by SmartMoto bypass the kickstand switch of the motorcyc..
Smart Diagnostic tools by SmartMoto are switches that offer the ability to read / del..
Smart TRE ATRE by SmartMoto bypass the ignition timing retard on Suzuki models and di..
Steering Damper Eliminators by SmartMoto enable the removal of the stock electronic s..