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VIDEO GUIDE SmartMoto Side Stand Switch Eliminator

Products covered: SSB-008, SSB-014, SSB-027, SSB-005, SSB-011, SSB-021, SSB-031, SSB-009, SSB-017, SSB-025, SSB-004, SSB-010, SSB-020, SSB-030, SSB-003, SSB-019, SSB-024, SSB-002, SSB-012, SSB-016, SSB-029, SSB-001, SSB-018, SSB-023, SSB-007, SSB-015, SSB-028, SSB-006, SSB-013, SSB-022


Step 1 : Locate the side stand switch (7) found on the left side of the motorcycle and follow the wires to the wiring harness until you find its connector.

Step 2 : Disconnect the side stand switch connector and connect the SmartMoto side stand switch eliminator in its place.