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The SmartMoto o2 sensor eliminator kit eliminates the o2 sensor system without enabling the Fi error code.

The O2 sensor is an electronic device located on the exhaust system and it is used to determine if the Air/Fuel ratio of an engine is rich or lean. The O2 sensors of all motorcycles are limited to catch the emission standards and in some specific throttle positions will try to lean or richen the mixture to catch the stoichiometric Air/Fuel ratio. This is good for the emissions but not for the performance and smoothness of the engine.

The SmartMoto O2 sensor eliminator kit replaces the OEM unit and forces the ECU to use the installed map without the restrictions of the O2 sensor.

Key Features

  • Improves throttle response, offering smoother power delivery and more torque.
  • Supports FI related mods like the Power CommanderTM module that requires the elimination of the O2 sensor.
  • Supplements the installation of an aftermarket exhaust system that does not have an O2 sensor port.
  • Can be used to replace a malfunctioning O2 sensor.
  • Plug and play design, no wire cutting required.
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