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(IT) VIDEO GUIDE o2 Sensor Eliminator - Exhaust Servo Eliminator

Products covered: SRE-011, SRE-006, OSE-118, SRE-015, SRE-001, OSE-207, SRE-010, SRE-005, OSE-416, SRE-014, OSE-405, OSE-105, SRE-004, OSE-409, SRE-013, SRE-008, OSE-407, SRE-003, OSE-209, SRE-012, SRE-007, SRE-009, SRE-002, OSE-107

We thank the YouTube channel @LorenzoSalvadori for showing the installation of the SmartMoto o2 Sensor Eliminator kit and Exhaust Servo removal kit on the Kawasaki Z750!