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INSTALLATION SmartMoto Exhaust Servo Eliminator

Products covered: SRE-001, SRE-010, SRE-005, SRE-009, SRE-004, SRE-013, SRE-008, SRE-003, SRE-012, SRE-007, SRE-002, SRE-011, SRE-006

The idea of the whole procedure is to have access to the electrical connector of the servo motor. Disconnect it and connect the Servo eliminator in its place

We have used a Kawasaki ZX10R for the installation, however these instructions will be applied to all models.


Please read the steps carefully before starting the installation and note that the ignition must be turned OFF during the whole procedure

STEP 1: Remove the rear and the front seat to have access to the servo motor and its connectors



STEP 2: Disconnect the servo motor connectors


STEP 3: Connect the Servo eliminator to the connectors where the servo motor connectors were connected


STEP 4: Find a suitable place to fit the servo eliminator and wiring.


You are free to remove the servo motor and/or exhaust valve and their cables from the motorcycle

STEP 5: Put everything back in place

Thank you very much.

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