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VIDEO GUIDE SmartMoto Exhaust Servo Eliminator

Products covered: SRE-006, SRE-015, SRE-001, SRE-010, SRE-005, SRE-014, SRE-009, SRE-004, SRE-013, SRE-008, SRE-003, SRE-012, SRE-007, SRE-002, SRE-011



Please read the steps carefully before starting the installation and note that the ignition must be turned OFF during the whole procedure

Step 1 : Locate the exhaust servo motor, detach the servo motor from its base and disconnect the exhaust valve cables.



Step 2 : Disconnect the servo motor connector(s) and remove the unit with all its associated parts from the motorcycle.


Step 3 : Connect the SmartMoto servo eliminator on the servo motor connection.


Step 4 : Find a suitable place to secure the exhaust servo eliminator and wiring.


You are free to remove the servo motor and/or exhaust valve and their cables from the motorcycle

Step 5 : Put everything back in place.

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