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Products covered: PVE-030

Step 1 : Remove the fuel tank according to the owner’s manual. Locate The SAS valve (1), the SAS plate (16) and the pipes attached to them (5)(6).

Step 2 : Remove the SAS hose from the port (A) on the SAS plate, cover the port (A) with the provided rubber cap and secure it with the original retainer (4).

Step 3 : Follow the SAS hose (6) that you removed from the SAS plate until you find the SAS solenoid (1), then follow the air box hose (5) from the solenoid to the air box, remove the hose (5) from the air box port and cover the port with the provided plastic bung.

Step 4 : Disconnect the SAS solenoid (1) from the wiring harness and connect the provided SAS valve eliminator and use the provided tier up to secure the connector on the frame of the motorcycle.