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1 x Block off plate

1 x Rubber Cap                   


The idea of the whole procedure is to unbolt the SAS plate from the cylinder head and bolt the block off plate in it’s place.

Please read the steps carefully before starting the installation and note that the ignition must be turned OFF during the whole procedure

STEP 1: Remove seat and fuel tank

STEP 2: Locate the SAS plate on the cylinder head (1)

STEP 3: Remove the two hoses from the SAS plate ports

STEP 4: Unbolt the 3 screws holding the SAS plate in place

STEP 5: Put the SAS  block off plate against the engine valve cover and align the block off plate holes with the cylinder head holes. Use the standard bolts to install the plate. Apply medium thread glue on the bolts and tighten each bolt at 10nm of torque

STEP 6: Remove the hose shown in the picture from the frame and plug it with the provided cap. You can use the retainer piece from the old pipe to keep the cap in place

Thank you very much!

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