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Products covered: PLE-203, PLE-103

Step 1 : Remove the fuel tank according to the owner’s manual. Locate The PAIR valve (7) and the covers (2).

Step 2 : Disconnect the PAIR valve (7) from the wiring harness and connect the electronic eliminator in its place.

Step 3 : Follow the pipes (9)(4)(5) that go from the PAIR valve (7) to the covers (2) and unplug them. Seal the air box pipe with the provided rubber cap.

Step 4 : Remove the PAIR valve (7), the pipes (9)(4)(5) and their associated hardware (6)(8)(10)(11) from the motorcycle. Keep the o-ring that seals the hole on the air box and install the air box block off plate using the PAIR valve bolts.

Step 5 : Remove the covers (2) and their bolts.

Step 6 : Place the block off plates over the valve reeds (1), align the holes in the back of the plates with the screws that poke out of the valve reeds, use the provided stainless steel bolts and washers to install the plates and tighten each bolt to 10mm of torque, don’t forget to use thread locker.