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Products covered: BLP-305


1 x Airbox Rubber cap   

1 x Throttle body vacuum hose cap             

2 x Block Off Plates    

The idea of the whole procedure is to remove the electronic PAIR valve solenoid off the motorcycle, plug the PAIR vacuum hose on the intake manifold and install the provided block off plates to the engine PAIR ports.

This kit will let you completely remove the PAIR system from your motorcycle.

Please read the steps carefully before starting the installation and note that the ignition must be turned OFF during the whole procedure

STEP 1: Locate the PAIR cover at the left side of the motorcycle .

STEP 2: Remove the two button head screws that hold the chromed Pair Cover on, and pull off the cover and name plate..

STEP 3: With a pair of long nose pliers (or your fingers) loosen and slide the tube hose clamps toward the center of the rubber tubing on the two air delivery tubes (the ones that go to the cylinders) and the small diameter vacuum tube.
· Pull the rubber air delivery tubes and vacuum tube loose from the valve.
· Using a 10mm wrench or socket, remove the three bolts that hold the housing to the cylinders (two upper corners, and lower left corner).

STEP 4: Pull the housing (valve still attached) straight out from the bike, and away from the hoses and vacuum tube, and set aside.

STEP 5: Locate the two PAIR valve plates on the cylinder heads

STEP 6: Unscrew the two bolts of each plate, remove the PAIR plate and make sure that the gasket remains on the cylinder

STEP 7: Put each block off plate against the engine valve cover and align the block off plate holes with the engine valve cover holes. Use the original nuts and torque them at 10nm

STEP 8: Remove the small diameter vacuum hose from the intake manifold (just twist and pull straight off)

STEP 9: Cap off the manifold nipple with the rubber vacuum cap from the kit.

You have bypassed the PAIR system!

That’s it, now you can put everything in place and start the engine.

Thank you very much.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or if you wish to help, feel free to contact us through the contact form.