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INSTALLATION o2 Sensor Eliminator kit Honda CBR1000RR 2020-2021

Products covered: OSE-441

Step 1: Remove the under cowl and locate the O2 sensors and their connectors.

Step 2: Disconnect the O2 sensors from the wiring harness, unscrew the oxygen sensors from the exhaust and remove them.

Step 3: Install the blanking plugs found in the kit to the exhaust.

Step 4: Connect the black 4P connectors of the provided harness in place of the O2 sensors connectors on the harness.

Step 5: Connect the white female connector of the eliminator to the white 4P male connector of the provided harness.

Step 6: Remove the pillion seat and route the grey 2P female connector of the provided harness close to the OBD connector. It’s a 6 Pin red connector with a red cap under the pillion seat.

Step 7: Disconnect the red cap and connect the provided harness to the OBD connector. Connect the red cap to the provided harness.

Step 8: Connect the grey 2pin connector of the provided harnesses together.