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INSTALLATION SmartMoto Smart TRE Suzuki SV650 DL 650

Products covered: STR-003

The idea of the whole procedure is to have access to the connectors of the gear position sensor. Disconnect them and connect the Smart TRE between the connectors.

Please read the steps carefully before starting the installation and note that the ignition must be turned OFF during the whole procedure

STEP 1: Remove the front seat and side panels and lift and support the fuel tank.

Remove the fuel tank for more clearance to follow the installation in the next steps.

STEP 2: Locate the Gear Position Sensor connection.

The Gear position sensor connection is a yellow  4 way connection with 3 wires, Black/Blue/Pink wires. You can find it under the fuel tank on the left hand side on the SV650 and on the DL650 at the left side front of the battery


STEP 3: Unplug the connection by lifting the tab on the male side. (photo)


STEP 4: Connect each connector by aligning the tabs of the motorcycle connectors to the Smart TRE connectors

STEP 5: Put the fuel tank and front seat back in place

You have installed the SmartMoto Smart TRE!

Thank you very much.

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