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INSTALLATION CoolAIR AD manual radiator fan switch Kawasaki

Products covered: RFS-004

The idea of the whole procedure is to disconnect the connectors of the radiator fan relay, connect the CoolAIR switch connectors to the connectors, install the ring connector to a frame bolt and attach the switch to a fixed point on the motorcycle with the installation kit.

Please read the steps carefully before starting the installation and note that the ignition must be turned OFF during the whole procedure.

STEP 1: Find the radiator fan relay box. On the most Kawasaki motorcycles it is found under the seat or front seat on the motorcycles with two seats. Following, you will find some examples:

GTR 1400/ZZR 1400

ZX10R / ZX6R / Z1000 / Z750 / Z800

VN 900 / VN 1700 / VN 2000

ZX6R 2007-2008

STEP 2: Disconnect the radiator fan relay connector by pressing the tab at the top of the connector and pulling out.

STEP 3: Connect the switch connectors, the female connector to the relay connector and the male connector to the wiring.

STEP 4: Install the ring connector to a bolt on the frame.

STEP 5: Now you can attach the switch either to a fixed point on the motorcycle with a cable tie or through a hole on the fairings by using the waterproof installation kit.

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