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EVAP System Removal kit installation 3 cyl models

Products covered: PVE-024, PVE-050

Step 1 : Remove the fuel tank according to the owner’s manual. Locate The EVAP valve (5), the pipes (4)(7)(25)(26)(27) and the EVAP system canister (2).

Step 2 : Disconnect the EVAP valve (5) from the wiring harness and connect the provided electronic eliminator in its place.

Step 3 : Follow the pipes that go from the EVAP valve (5) to the cylinders and disconnect them.

Step 4 : Seal the nipples with the provided rubber caps.

Step 5: Remove the EVAP valve (5), the pipes and their associated hardware and the canister (2) from the motorcycle.

Step 6: Reroute the pipe from the fuel tank to the ground or to a catch can.