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The SmartMoto Servo / EXUP eliminator removes the EXUP system without enabling the ECU error codes

The product uses a built in microprocessor to guarantee seamless function unlike cheaper versions of this modification. installation is done with OEM connectors be mounted directly on the wiring harness without any modification. Also, the whole product is enclosed into a special high grade resin. It is the most durable design available, it is compact and it is completely waterproof.

Key Features

  • Remove the exhaust valve and servo motor without switching the ECU to SAFE mode.
  • Replaces a faulty servo motor or exhaust valve.
  • Lets you install a full exhaust system without enabling the servo motor error code.
  • Releases maximum torque at low RPMs.
  • Reduce weight and free up space by removing the servo motor, exhaust valve and cables.
  • It is the smallest servo eliminator in the market!
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